Ati Basic Concept Template Sensory Perception (2024)

1. Ati active learning template: assessing behavioral manifestations....

  • Mar 27, 2023 · ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Basic Concept STUDENT NAME CONCEPT Sensory Perception. Assessing Behaviort) ... Show more ... Show more. SCIENCE.

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Ati active learning template: assessing behavioral manifestations....


  • Jan 18, 2024 · Sensory Perception: Evaluating Understanding of Hearing Aid Care (Active Learning Template - Basic Concept, RM FUND 9.0 Ch 45) i. Use mild ...

  • e hearing aid dry while cleaning iii. Keep replacement batteries on hand 2. Nutrition and Oral Hydration - (2) a. Enteral Nutrition: Intervening for Hyperosmolar Dehydration (Active Learning Template - Nursing Skill, RM Nutrition 6.0 Chp. 9) i. Hyperosmolar dehydration is a complication of diabetes mellitus and high blood sugar. ii. Treatment includes IV fluids iii. IV insulin should be used to lower blood sugar b. Nutrition Assessment: Interpreting Body Mass Index (Active Learning Template - Basic Concept, RM Nutrition 6.0 Chp. 3) i. A BMI of under 18.5 is considered underweight. ii. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy weight. iii. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered over weight. 3. Ante/Intra/Postpartum and Newborn Care - (1) a. Newborn Nutrition: Evaluating Understanding of Formula Preparation (Active Learning Template - Basic Concept, RM MN RN 10.0 Chp 25) i. Follow preparation instructions listed on package ii. Teach the importance of hand hygiene. iii. Teach the patients about the various kinds of formula (ready to feed, concentrated, and powder). 4. Developmental Stages and Transitions - (1) a. Health Promotion of Toddlers (1 to 3 Years): Identifying Developmental Delays (Active Learning Template - Growth and Development, RM NCC RN 10.0 Chp 4) i. A toddler should be able to walk without help by 15 months ii. A toddler should be able to walk up and down stairs by placing both feet on each step by 2 years. iii. A toddler should be able...


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4. Ati Basic Concept Template Sensory Perception

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  • Ati Basic Concept Template Sensory Perception

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Delegation Underlying Principles Nursing Interventions ACTIVE ...

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  • ... sensory perception might not feel numbness, pain, or burning.-Use minor temperature changes and short-term applications of heat or cold for best results ...

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  • ALT - Basic Concept. 130 likes. 1 page. ATI Active Learning Template - Basic Concepts. #ati. #alt. #nursingschool. #nursing. #templates. 2 years ago.

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Ati Basic Concept Template Sensory Perception (2024)


What is the basic concept of sensory perception? ›

An individual or organism capable of processing the stimuli in their environment is called to have a sensory perception. This processing is done through the coordination between sense organs and the brain. Hearing, vision, taste, smell, and touch are the five senses we possess.

What is the basic concept of communicating with a client who has hearing loss? ›

Speak clearly, slowly, distinctly, but naturally, without shouting or exaggerating mouth movements. Shouting distorts the sound of speech and may make speech reading more difficult. Say the person's name before beginning a conversation.

Who is at greatest risk for impaired sensory perception? ›

Populations at highest risk for experiencing impairment in sensory perception are those born with congenital defects or older adults. Risk Factors: Age: Changes in sensory perceptual functioning associated with the aging process increase the risk of impairment.

What is the definition of sensory perception in nursing? ›

sensory perception. involves the conscious organization and translation of the data or stimuli into meaningful information.

What are the basic concepts of sensation and perception answers? ›

Sensation is input about the physical world obtained by our sensory receptors, and perception is the process by which the brain selects, organizes, and interprets these sensations.

What are the 5 sensory perceptions? ›

Nerves relay the signals to the brain, which interprets them as sight (vision), sound (hearing), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation), and touch (tactile perception).

What is the basic concept hearing loss? ›

Hearing loss affects people of all ages and can be caused by many different factors. The three basic categories of hearing loss are sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Here is what patients should know about each type.

What are the basic concepts of hearing impairment? ›

Hearing impairment is defined as an “impairment in hearing, whether permanent or fluctuating that adversely affects a child's educational performance.” Deafness is defined as a “hearing impairment that is so severe that the child is impaired in processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without ...

What not to say to someone with hearing loss? ›

  • Don't try to talk to someone from a different room. ...
  • Don't yell. ...
  • Don't cover your mouth as you speak.
  • Don't say “never mind.” It is dismissive and excludes the person from the conversation when they were just trying to understand.
  • Don't speak extra slow.
Sep 27, 2018

How to assess sensory perception? ›

To test the sensory fields, ask the patient to close their eyes, and then gently touch the soft end of a cotton-tipped applicator on random locations of the skin according to the dermatome region. Instruct the patient to report “Now” when feeling the placement of the applicator.

What can happen if a patient has decreased sensory perception? ›

Sensory deficits can include: reduced ability to feel touch, pain, temperature, position or the ability to recognise objects you are holding. You may experience feelings such as tingling, prickling, numbness, aching, burning or 'pins and needles'. Without sensation, movements may lack precision and control.

What is important to consider when asking questions about sensory perception? ›

There are several factors to consider when assessing a patient's sensory functioning, such as age, their perception of the impairment, and the impact of the sensory impairment on their daily functioning. Age is an important consideration because many sensory functions can be affected by the aging process.

What is an example of a sensory perception? ›

For example, upon walking into a kitchen and smelling the scent of baking cinnamon rolls, the sensation is the scent receptors detecting the odor of cinnamon, but the perception may be “Mmm, this smells like the bread Grandma used to bake when the family gathered for holidays.”

What is an impaired sensory perception? ›

Sensory impairment is a condition where one or more of the senses we rely on every day are no longer functioning as expected. We rely on our sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste every day without thinking too much about it. Our senses work in balance and help us react accordingly to every stimulus.

How would the nurse test sensory perception on a patient? ›

To test a patient's sense of touch, have them close their eyes, then lightly touch the skin (without pressure) with a wisp of cotton, left hand, right hand, and then both simultaneously. Ask the patient to tell you when they feel something and compare one area with another.

What is the concept of sensation perception? ›

Sensation is our ability to detect senses like touch, pain, vision, or the movement and positioning of our body. Perception is the way in which the brain processes and communicates these senses to the rest of the body.

What is the theory of sensory perception? ›

Sensory perception involves the detection of phenomena within an organism's internal and external environment, and the resulting sensory data is then processed neurologically. Environmental data is gathered via different sensory channels such as the acoustic, olfactory, tactile and visual channels.

What are the basic concepts behind sensory processes? ›

The most fundamental function of a sensory system is the translation of a sensory signal to an electrical signal in the nervous system. All sensory signals, except those from the olfactory system, enter the central nervous system and are routed to the thalamus.

What is one of the basic concepts of perception? ›

Perception refers to the way sensory information is organized, interpreted, and consciously experienced. Perception involves both bottom-up and top-down processing. Bottom-up processing refers to the fact that perceptions are built from sensory input.

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