Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (2024)

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Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (1)

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Apple products are notorious for rarely going on sale, so it’s smart to pounce fast when you see a good deal online. In recent weeks, Apple has discounted the price of its AirPods Max Headphones and its best-selling iPad, and now, shoppers can score a deal on the popular Apple Watch as well.

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Currently, there are more than a few Apple Watch models on sale at Amazon, which bring the price of bestselling watches such as the Series 5 and Series 9 down by more than $100. However, some models are exclusively available elsewhere, such as the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen), which is now available on Target for $279.99

Below, check out the best Apple deals to snag right now:

Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (2)

Apple Watch Series 9



$329.99 $429.00 23% off

Buy Now On Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 9, which launched this year, boasts a better screen and a faster charging time compared to earlier models — and it’s now the cheapest we’ve ever seen it, on sale for just $329 on — a massive $70 discount.

Advanced tracking features and sensors make this the most technologically advanced Apple Watch yet. In addition to fitness metrics, the Apple Watch Series 9 lets you monitor your blood oxygen levels, take an EGC (electrocardiogram) reading, and measure your sleep stages.

Other design updates include more a durable build, with front crystals that are more resistant against cracking, and an IPX6 rating for waterproofing and dust resistance.

The new model still has all of the best qualities you look for in a smart watch, such as high-tech fitness tracking, seamless voice controls and instant access to texts, calls and other apps. Battery life is excellent with up to 18 hours per charge; get up to 36 hours of usage when in low power mode.

Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (3)

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen)

Buy on target $279.99

Though it was released a couple years ago, the original Apple Watch SE is still a great option for people who want a top-rated smartwatch. The Apple Watch tracks your stats for everything from running and cycling to yoga and pilates, and has a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings.

Sync the watch to your iPhone and take calls, read texts and listen to music, all from your wrist. This Apple Watch is also one of the most sustainable options, with a 100% recycled aluminum cases available in three finishes.

Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (4)

Apple Watch SE (2nd-Gen)



Buy Now On Amazon $189.00

Amazon also has the 2023 Apple Watch SE discounted to $189 (regularly $249+). This deal gets you the 40mm Apple Watch SE with GPS and a ton of health and fitness tracking features. Walmart’s deal also includes one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty plan.

You can also find the 40mm Apple Watch on Target if it’s sold out at elsewhere. The Target Apple Watch deal includes three free months of Apple Fitness+ by signing up for Target Circle.

Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (5)


Apple Watch Series 5

Buy ON WALMART $149.95

$144.50 $158.20 9% off

Buy Now On Amazon

The Series 5 remains one of the brand’s most popular models, thanks to its affordable price point and competitive tech and design. Restored versions of the Series 5 is now available on both Walmart and Amazon for as low as $145 — the cheapest we’ve ever seen.

Features include an electrical heart sensor and second-generation optical heart sensor,
high and low heart rate notifications, irregular rhythm notification, and ECG app, sleep stages, international emergency calling, Emergency SOS, fall detection and even water resistance up to 50 meters.

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Get a Brand New Apple Watch From $130 As Part of These Online Sales (2024)
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