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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth add

Takumi Aiba, a new Cyber Sleuth, takes on an account raiding case as part of his assistant job at Kuremi Detective Agency, and sets out to the man-made cyberspace known as "EDEN" to recover the more.

One-shot - 6.65

Shura no Mon: Dai Ni Mon add

Mutsu Tsukumo was considered to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. He conquered Japan's mixed martial arts (MMA), became the US boxing heavy weight champion and later came up on top at the more.

Manga 18 -

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory add

Keisuke Amazawa goes to the DigiMarket, where he remembers how he got his partners, Betamon, Tentomon, and Gotsumon. Not happy, he challenges the owners of the market and has to fight against their more.

One-shot - -

Tabitabi Demonstration add One-shot - -

Doukyonin ga Kono Yo no Mon ja Nai add

The young man's new apartment is haunted, but as it turns out, even the dead have their own personal shortcomings... issues of the flesh included. For the dead have lingering desires, and are more more.

Manga - 6.71

Keppeki Danshi Kouryakuhou add

Takumi is a neat freak who shies away from touching others, while Sakura is a goofball who tends to overstep personal boundaries. Even though it pains him to do so, smart and successful Takumi finds more.

Manga 1 6.89

Hieshou Danshi Kouryakuhou add

She can not stand the hot weather and does not want to live in Hokkaido. He, the ice man who loves the high temperatures and wants to live in Okinawa. They are a harmonious pair but this does not more.

Manga 1 6.72

Monstructor: Yareba Dekiru Jingai Musume no Choukyou Shidou add Light Novel 1 -

Saikou na Atashi no Saikyou na Rokudenashi Kouryakuhou add

Chiaki is an artificial girl manufactured in a laboratory. When she is taken out of the laboratory by Yoshiaki, who loves fighting, drinking and money, she decides to make Yoshiaki fall in love with more.

Manga 2 5.89

Love Monster add

"A bad boy should be punished". The college student Akira is confessed to by Itsuki, his younger childhood friend. Akira always considered Itsuki to be his "younger brother", so he decided to answer more.

Manga 1 6.84

Omae no Mae de Naku Mon ka add Manga 2 -

Monster Girl add

Yatsuki Nishizuru, a part-time worker in Akihabara, has the unique ability to see and interact with spirits— youkai—who inhabit the area. Despite this, Yatsuki tries to ignore them, living a normal more.

Manga 14 7.15

Skill ga Nakereba Level wo Ageru: 99 ga Counter Stop no Sekai de Level 800 Man kara Start add Manga - -

Classmate (♀) to Meikyuu no Futekisetsu na Kouryakuhou add

It was decided that Nishi High School would close in two years time and since then, the student population had dramatically dropped down to a total of seven. The remaining students, including more.

Manga 6 6.77

Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer 01 add

In this universe, Taichi is involved in a V-Pet tournament, where he is told he cannot play because the Digimon in his V-Pet isn't recognized as being a real Digimon; however, after the tournament more.

Manga 9 7.65

Monsters add

Monsters were hunted for their Monsters Organs that are then implanted into humans to try to achieve eternal youth and eternal beauty. But the implants aren't always successful. Most have reactions more.

One-shot - 6.25

Josou Shounen Anthology add

An anthology focusing on crossdressing boys. #Cover illustration: Tiv 1. Boku wa Imouto no Maid-san (Kazuki Rechi) 2. Prunus Girl 1.5 (Matsumoto Tomoki) 3. Otoko no Ko Idol☆Akira (Suihei Kiki) 4. Mix* more.

Manga 1 6.75

Iron Ghost no Shoujo add Manga 2 5.78

Pinkerton add

1. To Be Happy Now 2. E-Motional 3. Tsugai ni Nante Naranai mon. 4-5. Pinkerton 6. Mahoroba wa Shikakui Mado ni 7. Dekiwaku no Curriculum 8. Miwaku no Sabotage 9. Itoshi no Airi

Manga 1 6.98

Love♥Monster add

After failing the entrance exams to her school of choice, Hiyo Osora gets an acceptance letter from SM Academy. But she didn't even apply or take its exam! When she arrives, there's something amiss— more.

Manga 12 7.56

Monster and Ghost add

Tsubaki Koton, a delinquent with a dark and violent past, encounters the sweet and optimistic ghost of a young man, Yuuki Kabuto, and his life begins to change. (Source: MU)

Manga - -

Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou add

1-3. Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou 4. Hypnotism Trick 5. Ani Tsura 6. Khaki-P to Sumire-hime 7. Moshi Bare

Manga 1 6.40

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou add

Monsters—they're real, and they want to date us! Three years ago, the world learned that harpies, centaurs, catgirls, and all manners of fabulous creatures are not merely fiction; they are flesh and more.

Manga - 7.63

17-sai, Hajimete: Hatsunetsu add

1. Ouji-sama wa Midara ni Midareru. [Kayoru] 2. Yume-iro Button [Hoshimori Yukimo] 3. Aku no Kuchizuke [Cocoro Ayumi] 4. Konna Abunai Kyori (Such a Dangerous Distance) [Chiba Kozue] 5. Amai Tameiki: more.

Manga 1 6.75

Hatsukoi Monster add

When fifteen-year-old Kaho Nikaidou leaves her sheltered home to start life anew in Tokyo, the last thing she expects is to nearly get hit by a truck! Saved in the nick of time by a handsome stranger, more.

Manga - 6.06

My Mai Secret add

1. Onii-chan no Kuse ni Namaiki Nanda Mon! 2. Blind Touch 3. Imouto Decoration 4. Taisetsu na Kana 5. Doyuu Diet!? 6. Kyou dake Kanojo (My Girlfriend Just For Today) 7. Ecchi na Show Gakusei 8. more.

Manga 1 6.92

Pokémon Ranger: the Comic add

In yet another area of the Pokemon world, there are no trainers, only rangers who temporarily borrow the service of wild Pokemon for good. The main character finds himself on an almost impossible more.

Manga - 6.34

Sutoponi add

"School comedy of female students who have hooters. They have special constitutions, so that when they have their hair done in a ponytail, they become athletes." Catchphrases were "a 4-koma comic more.

Manga 1 -

Gogo Monster add

Yuki Tachibana, a withdrawn first grader, is convinced that the fourth floor of his school is home to supernatural creatures that few kids (and no adults) can see and he's worried about a recent more.

Manga 1 7.52

Pokémon Pocket Monsters add

In a world filled with talking Pokemon, Red and Green compete with each other in a race to gather all the data needed for the new Pokedex! Bumbling Clefairy frustrates Red with its extreme more.

Manga 14 7.26

Ichigo Chocolat Flavor add

1. Kyuukon Aite wa Ojisan x2 2. Shunkashutou Roshutsubiyori 3. Enjo Days 4. Yudetate Konyoku Onsen Tamago 5-6. Drapeko! 7. Osouji no Jikan 8. Shojo ja Nai mon! 9. Shisen no Mezase 10. Twins 30 Days more.

Manga 1 -

Katsuai Monster add

Kabutani is a “man-eater” who lives off human energy. One day, he becomes “in-heat” for his classmate, Kiriyama. Though he didn’t believe when his kindred said, “…Nothing compares to the taste of more.

Manga 1 7.20

Monstaboo add

Ever since a monster killed her mother, Maruka has recklessly sought them out with a death wish. But when the first monster she runs into defies her expectations, not only does Maruka end up more.

Manga 4 6.28

Hi Tension add

1. Shanghai Yuugekitai 2. Sabaku no Youjinbou (Desert Guardian) 3. Watashi no Ashinaga Patron 4. Washi mo Wakai Koro wa Mucha sh*ta Mon ja 5. Techno Banchou 6. Techno Banchou Supers

Manga 1 6.22

Sadosuto na Fujiwara-kun add

Fujiwara is popular at his school, inheriting his looks from his father who works as a host. But there's one problem. Everything he says is sad*stic and host-like and he can't communicate what he more.

Manga 2 6.39

Ane-Idiri add

1. Oneesan Overflow 2. Milk Oppai to no Tsukiaikata 3. Cable!? Daishoten 4. Toilet ne Tsuma no Kankei 5. Hachimitsu Oppai (Honey Breasts) 6. Make Nai Mon! 7. Koukan Koushou 8. Yobi Koushuu

Manga 1 -

Florist no Koi wa Saku add

1-2. Florist no Koi wa Saku 3. Shachiku na Ore to Sakushi na Kouhai 4. Hitomi no Oku no Yokubou (The Desire in Their Eyes) 5. Kare no Seiheki Ore no Kurou 6. Ete... Fuete...? 7. Honne wo Kikasete

Manga 1 6.71

Ami! Nonstop add

Ami is a normal school girl. One day with her friends, she got stopped for an interview by a camera crew who thought Ami was really cute. Shortly afterwards, Ami meets a blond boy who goes to her more.

Manga 12 -

Monster Hunter Orage add

Shiki Ryuuhou is a Monster Hunter in a world full of fantastic creatures. Before his master, Gurelli Jescar, met an untimely death, he taught Shiki the most important skill of being a Monster more.

Manga 4 7.05

Pikamon add

The story talks about two comedians, Matsuri Monta and Yogura Hikaru. The way and challenges they need in order to become professional comedians.

Manga 3 -

Monster Musume no Oishasan add

In the town of Lindworm where monsters and humans coexist, Dr. Glenn runs an exemplary medical clinic for monster girls with his lamia assistant, Sapphee. Whether receiving a marriage proposal by a more.

Manga 2 6.83

First Romance add

Hatsune grew up with the gentle Ken'ichi-niichan and the mean Kenji. Hatsune wants to become Ken'ichi-niichan's bride when she grows up, but he already has a girlfriend. Though, one day, she hears more.

Manga 1 -

Tensei Nihakobinin no Isekai Kouryakuhou add

A man who yearns for freedom is reincarnated and he chooses the undesirable job "Carrier"—The fastest way to conquer both women and other world with wisdom and courage!

Manga - 6.81

Radical Blood Monster add

Sagara Yuichi is an aspiring writer who was caught in a convenience store robbery. Despite having the chance to escape, he lingered to gain writers experience, and ended up getting stabbed. During more.

Manga 2 7.34

Loli Check! add

1. Totsugeki Tonari no Banokazu! 2. Idol ni Naru mon! 3. Otona Burikko 4-6. Sanbiki ga Yuku! 7. Nana no Ana♥ (Nana's Hole) 8. Himesama ni Goyoujin 9. Look at Me!

Manga 1 -

Erosugiru Aneana add

1. Natsu no Obenkyou 2. Datte Boku, Kawaii nda Mon 3. Natsu-iro no Omohide 4. Bathroom Dream 5. Kairakubo (Debauched Mother) 6. Omocha na Boku 7. Kiss de Kaikin 8. Futari no Naisho 9. Love Mane

Manga 1 -

1-nen A-gumi no Monster add

When Tarou Jimi is assigned as the homeroom teacher of class 1-A at an all girls' high school, the rest of the staff feel sorry for him. On the surface, class 1-A is full of pretty and talented more.

Manga - 6.40

Koakuma x Osananajimi add

Carefree high school student Miya has always been reliant on her childhood friend Haru. But when Haru expresses the possibility of him leaving Miya, she is troubled. To show her gratefulness, Miya more.

Doujinshi 1 -

Haru no Arashi to Monster add

High school freshman Ranko Haruno's sole desire in life is to keep her head down and get by with as little human interaction as possible. It's working well until a random guy is literally hurled more.

Manga - 7.10

Eensy-Weensy Monster add

Nanoha Satsuki is your average, ordinary high school student. Okay grades, kinda cute, kinda short, Nanoha's most notable quality is that her best friends are both total overachieving babes. But more.

Manga 2 7.43
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