FF14 Blue Mage Quests, FF14Blue Mage Leveling Guide 2023 (2024)

final fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows and developed and published by Square Enix. It is the original version of the 14th work in the famous “Final Fantasy” series and the second massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) after “Final Fantasy XI”.

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The game takes place in the enchanted country of Eorzea, where players take on the role of a customizable avatar and embark on a thrilling adventure, facing the menacing invasion of the Garlean Empire and the powerful primitives who dominate this land. The god worshiped by the orc tribe. The conspiracy intensified when the Garlean Emissaries hatched a plan to wipe out the primitive creatures by crashing one of the world’s moons into Eorzea.

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Development of the game, codenamed “Rapture,” began in 2005 and was officially announced for Windows and PlayStation 3 in 2009. It uses Square Enix’s Crystal Tools middleware engine, carefully customized to meet the unique requirements of the game. Throughout development, the team sought to strike a balance between incorporating Final Fantasy XI’s aesthetic elements while creating a unique experience.

However, many challenges and setbacks plagued the project, ultimately affecting the game’s outcome. Efforts to port the game to the Xbox 360 were hampered by disagreements with Microsoft over the use of Xbox Live.

Ff14 Blue Mage Mission

mission name


task giver



Enthusiastic Yellow Vests

blue leads blue



blue collar job



why they call it blues



scream blue murder



blue gold


Modlin Latour Jha

true folk blues


Modlin Latour Jha

Open a blue leaf


Modlin Latour Jha

into blue again



something borrowed, something blue



a bolt from the blue



Face turns blue



blue death scream



blue cheese



Second-rate entertainment



Everyone is fighting



Azzurro and Goliath



gold destination






blue future



The crowd becomes mellow



beard, myth, legend



Gridania’s most wanted criminals



no ass



The new gold standard



brave and blue




blue mage

The Blue Mage, also known as the Blue Mage, is a class class in the Final Fantasy series. It debuted in Final Fantasy V and exclusively utilized enemy-based magic spells. Blue mages usually wear a blue costume with a domino mask, decorated with hats, capes, and various designs, often with red accents.

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Unlike other mage classes, blue mages have decent physical abilities, making them powerful warriors. However, their true power lies in their unique magic, blue magic, which allows them to use attacks unique to their enemies.

Blue mages demonstrate versatility through a wide range of learned spells. They gain blue magic through enemies or the occasional blue mage ally using blue magic on them. Some games give blue mages the ability to control monsters, allowing them to manipulate their abilities. Additionally, certain characters in specific games can utilize Blue Magic as a powerful limit-breaking command.

Ff14 Blue Mage Upgrade Guide

Blue Mage leveling guide 1-20:

To advance your blue mage from level 1 to level 20, start by exploring areas such as the Central Shroud. Defeat higher level enemies while collecting spells like Ice Spike and Lifesteal to enhance your abilities. Additionally, at around level 18 go to South Thanalan, face Sabotender Bailaor and learn the spell 1000 Needles.

Blue Mage leveling guide 20-40:

At this stage, focus is on locations such as Fallgourd Float in the North Woods. Fight fast enemies to level up efficiently. Avoid alliance raids, dungeons, and trials. Use your hunting journal to gain additional experience and challenge higher level enemies in Kurthus Highlands or Mordona to further enhance your blue mage skills.

Blue Mage leveling guide 40-70:

At this stage, work with advanced players from the same data center. Seek help from players in cities like Gridania and Limsa Lominsa to level up your blue mage. Visit the beach area of ​​Kholusia, allowing higher level players to defeat the hobgoblins while gaining experience. Repeat this process until all enemies are defeated, significantly speeding up your leveling progress.

Blue Mage leveling guide 70-80 (6.45 patch):

In patch 6.45, follow the recommended route shared by Reddit user JoeChio. Use the same power leveling strategy, but venture into the white-bordered areas of the Reddit map with high-level players. As a blue mage, there is no need to form a team and destroy enemies together. Focus on areas like Labryrinthos and Thavnair to reach level 80 quickly.

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By implementing these leveling strategies, you can effectively progress and develop your Blue Mage abilities in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy IV game

In the immersive world of Final Fantasy XIV, players take on the role of a custom adventurer avatar, representing one of the five playable races. Each race is made up of two tribes, offering a choice of male or female characters.

Extensive customization options allow players to personalize their avatar’s eye and hair color, facial features, skin tone, and even add unique features like birthmarks or scars. The tribe and patron chosen affect the avatar’s statistics and elemental attributes, adding depth to their character.

The game provides two types of tasks for players to complete. Story missions unfold as the character gains experience points (EXP) and increases their level, gaining new abilities and uncovering the game’s narrative. Levequests, on the other hand, are side quests obtained from the Adventurer’s Guild and can focus on gathering or combat.

Each level’s missions are tied to specific non-playable characters (NPCs), which provide rewards upon completion, allowing players to gain favor with different factions and unlock new abilities. Faction Levels are a special type of quest that become available as the faction’s favorability increases, but cost favorability upon completion.

Compared to its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI, which emphasized party-based gameplay, Final Fantasy XIV provides players with a flexible adventure experience without the need to continually rely on a party. There is no automatic attack, players need to manually input actions when targeting the enemy, and each action consumes stamina.

By defeating monsters, crafting items, and completing tasks, players can gain experience points. When a certain threshold is reached, the experience points will automatically increase the level, affecting attributes such as HP, MP, and available abilities.

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FF14 Blue Mage Quests, FF14Blue Mage Leveling Guide 2023 (2024)


How to level Blue Mage quickly in FFXIV? ›

The leveling process for Blue Mage is dramatically different from the rest of the jobs. Since Blue Mage gets massively increased experience from enemies in the open world (10x) and is unable to queue for roulettes using the Duty Finder, the most effective way to level up is just by killing enemies in the open world!

Why is my Blue Mage not gaining XP? ›

It is REQUIRED that the baby Blue be the one to tag the mobs first; if the level 90 hits them first the Blue will get no XP from the kill. Facepulling the mobs doesn't work — the Blue Mage must attack the mob (it's okay if you miss but you have to attack.)

How to power level Blue Mage reddit? ›

There's actually a good trick for leveling Blue Mage quickly:
  1. Grab a buddy that's beaten shadowbringers.
  2. use xp boosting items (brand-new ring, pre-order jewelry, food, and the heat of battle grand company action all help)
  3. Go to Kholusia.
  4. Don't party up. ...
  5. Use flying sardine on level 70 enemies (no higher than that.
Aug 16, 2022

What is the max level in Blue Mage? ›

Blue mage functions independently of other classes and jobs, starting at level 1 with a maximum level of 80.

What is the fastest leveling route in Ffxiv? ›

Guildhests are the instanced areas that you can either take part in solo or in a group. At level 44 you can enter a Guildhest called Dzemael Darkhold Guildhest. A common tactic to gain EXP fast is to clear the first room, leave the area, come back and repeat. This may not be as fun but you will level up very quickly.

Can you learn Blue Mage spells unsynced? ›

You can learn spells while doing instanced content unsynced (using the “Unrestricted Party” option in the Duty Finder.) You do not have a 100% learn rate if you do this, but sometimes there are advantages to this method that outweigh the fact that you might need multiple tries to get a certain spell to drop.

Can Blue Mage get EXP from Dungeons? ›

Due to its nature as a limited job, the conventional level-up methods don't apply to Blue Mage. Instead of mainly earning experience through dungeons or roulettes, the Blue Mage gets a massive bonus to experience earned from defeating monsters in the open world. This will be your primary method for leveling up.

Can Blue Mages learn from other Blue Mages? ›

Blue Mages cannot learn abilities from Morphers or allied Blue Mages; they must be learned from either the original monster or an opponent Blue Mage. Blue Mages are best used as a support job, especially due to the wide range of healing and support magic they can learn.

What stats matter for Blue Mage? ›

Blue Mage Stat Priority
  • Intelligence.
  • Spell Speed until Moon Flute opener can be performed consistently.
  • Spell Speed and/or Critical Hit.
  • Determination.
  • Direct Hit.
  • Spell Speed or Critical Hit (whichever wasn't used before)
Jul 23, 2023

How do Blue Mages learn spells? ›

Unlike other jobs that acquire new abilities when they level up, Blue Mages must learn their spells from enemies. They do this by first witnessing the enemy use the spell, then defeating that enemy. Let's use Ice Spikes as an example. You can learn this spell from Trickster Imp in Central Shroud.

How to get Blue Mage gear? ›

Blue Mages use caster dps gear. There are vendors at the starting cities and camps throughout the game you can buy gear from. You can also get dungeon drops, craft your own, or buy from other players on the marketboard. You will not get any new weapons for BLU until level 50 and even then they do not give stats.

What is the easiest mage leveling spec in Dragonflight? ›

Frost Mage is generally the most straightforward Mage spec to level with due to its lack of reliance on cooldowns to deal damage and exceptionally strong area of effect damage.

What to level up mage? ›

Best Leveling Spec for Mage in Dragonflight

Both Fire and Arcane are decent leveling specs as well. Especially Arcane when using Heirlooms can very quickly kill individual targets.

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