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Welcome to our Frost Wyvern boss guide for Dark and Darker. In this guide, we aim to provide you with complete information to tackle the boss with. This includes mechanics, attacks, location, requirements and more. The Frost Wyvern is a powerhouse addition to the dungeons, released alongside a brand new Abyss floor in the Ice Cave.

Frost Wyvern Boss Location

The Frost Wyvern is a terrifying boss, located in the depths of the Ice Cave. The second layer of the Ice Cave is the “Ice Abyss”. This Abyss is where the Wyvern awaits you. To reach the Wyvern, you’ll have to dive into the Abyss Gateway in the Ice Cave.

These Gateways become available within the last 2:30 of each dungeon match in the Ice Cave. It is easy to identify the drop is a portal due to the red outline. If the outline is not red – you’ll fall to your death. Once you’re through the portal, you’ll sit in a waiting room, similarly to the Inferno map waiting room. Once the timer hits zero or everyone in the first floor has escaped or died – the Ice Abyss begins.

The Wyvern boss arena, much like the Inferno, can be found in the center of the map. However, you’ll have to jump up ice pillars on a thin bridge area to reach the height of the arena. There is a few Harpy’s around too that can kick you off the map – be warned.

Frost Wyvern Attacks, Information & Mechanics

The Frost Wyvern can only be started if there is a minimum of FOUR players at the arena. This means the boss is impossible to start in a solo, duo or trio without additional help from random players. As a result, this can be a risky and somewhat rare affair. However, it makes fighting this dangerous boss more exciting without a doubt. Without good gear, the Ice Wyvern can quite capably fight 12+ players at once in a normal dungeon.

When you find the Wyvern, it is surrounded by a blood barrier with four beams channeling the barrier from statues. To start the encounter, four players have to stand and block each beam with their body at the same time. This drops the barrier and the fight begins! (Note: you CANNOT use summons such as a Hydra or a Treant to block a beam for you)


  • Flight, the Wyvern takes flight.
  • Ice Shot, the Frost Wyvern (typically in the air) shoots 2-3 blasts of Ice Shot towards players, leaving a pillar of ice on the ground. Impact deals damage and slows players.
  • Hop, with a quick jump into the air, the Wyvern lands again, knocking back melee-ranged players and dealing some damage.
  • Ice Ground Slam, a frontal slam that spread an ice AoE, dealing damage and slowing players.
  • Sky Dive, while airborne, the Frost Wyvern can also follow an Ice Shot with a diagonal dive towards a player to attack them.
  • Tail Whip, a 360 degree tail whip that deals damage and knocks back players. The Tail Whip can also break ice pillars in the arena.
  • Ground Lunge, a forward lunge across the arena that deals damage to players and knocks them back. The attack is VERY quick.
  • Phase Ice Breath, a phase-shifting attack that brings the Frost Wyvern up into the sky to breath constant ice onto the arena. The Ice Breath is a wipe-style attack that pulls players around and deals fatal damage. Hiding behind the Ice Pillars or being positioned behind the Wyvern helps.
  • Standard Ice Breath, a shorter version of the Wyvern’s wipe-styled Ice Breath.
  • Standard Claw Sweeps, normal claw attacks with the left & right claws.


  • HP: 3615 (7115 HR)
  • Movement Speed: 500
  • Experience on Kill: 20 (25 HR)
  • Adventurer Points on Kill: 150 (250 HR)


The first thing any team wishing to defeat the Frost Wyvern should do is to check the following:

  • Check health potions & bandage
  • Check for players spells and make sure they’re charged
  • Make sure everyone is ready
  • Find a 4th player to assist with starting the fight (can bring an entire lobby of players if possible)

It is incredibly important to bring a number of healing classes with you, such as the Cleric and Bard. Additionally, Druid can be a powerful helper in both the damage and support department. With each of these classes you can keep your team topped up. The Frost Wyvern hits hard and often, making a decent composition of ranged, melee and supports vital.

As previously mentioned, at least four players is required to start the boss fight, making this a risky, rare and almost “Raid-like” experience. The Frost Wyvern is incredibly powerful and can easily wipe 10-man parties if you’re not careful or geared.

Phase 1

The Frost Wyvern begins the fight usually with several Ice Shots, creating Ice Pillars around the arena. These pillars become very important later on in the fight. As a result, it is important to try and position them on the outer-edge of the arena. This can be done by baiting the attack towards the edges by standing there yourself.

The Wyvern utilizes multiple attacks in a fairly random order throughout the fight. There is no particular pattern on the attacks apart from a single “phase-shifting” attack. Players that are in melee range should be aware of the constant knockbacks the Wyvern’s dive attacks and slam attack. If you’re not careful – you can find yourself flying off of the edge into the Void in no time. Other attacks include several swipe, whip and smash attacks. A shield is heavily advised for any Fighter players.

After the Frost Wyvern summons multiple pillars, it’ll fly up into the air and do a short but potent Ice Breath towards one side of the map. As a result, try to steer clear of being caught in the breath by hiding underneath or standing on the opposite side of the arena.

Phase-shift Ice Breath (Wipe)

This particular Ice Breath is far more dangerous than the smaller version mentioned before. The Frost Wyvern lets out a terrifying howl before taking to the air – this is the que to prepare for the mechanic.

As a result of baiting the Ice Pillars on the edges of the arena, you’re prepared to survive. As soon as the Wyvern flies into the sky, head towards the Ice Pillars and hide behind them, away from the Ice Breath. The Ice Breath fills the entire arena, so you’ll without a doubt die if you do not hide. It is important to have the Ice Pillars away from the middle of the arena because the Wyvern can break them – leaving you with no safety option.

This boss is incredibly difficult as there is not a single moment, even AFTER the phase mechanic to have a “DPS window”. However, after the phase mechanic, the Frost Wyvern reverts back to using the many attacks it has at random, creating pillars across the room again. The fight is repeated until you finally take down the Frost Wyvern.

High Roller


Recommended Team Comp

  • Bard, provides a ton of buffs, mobility and damage.
  • Cleric, provides a ton of buffs and healing paired with monster clear.
  • Fighter, this spot can technically be any damage dealer. However, the Fighter is a fantastic frontline tank that can utilize a shield.
  • Any fourth class, more healers or ranged damage dealers is also welcome. Druid is fantastic.


While the Frost Wyvern can provide fantastic loot drops on its corpse, it has a spoils room directly below it too. Head back down the stepping stones you climbed to reach the arena to find an icicle door. This door is the Cursed Stone Door Room, full of treasure and riches for defeating the boss.

Frost Wyvern Boss Guide - StudioLoot (8)

Unique Extraction

Outside of the standard extractions available, such as ropes and portals, defeating the Frost Wyvern provides a unique extract for everyone in the arena. Once the Frost Wyvern is defeated, the frosted veil above the arena begins to pull players up into the hole. This hole is actually an unlocked extraction point.

Frost Wyvern Boss Guide Conclusion

The Frost Wyvern is truly the pinnacle dungeon boss of Dark and Darker. As a result, coming in prepared and utilizing our Frost Wyvern boss guide should assist you in your victory. For more information regarding Dark and Darker, check out the rest of our content on the Dark and Darker homepage.

Frost Wyvern Boss Guide - StudioLoot (2024)
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